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About Vitamin B-17

What is Vitamin B-17?   Vitamin B-17 is a Nitriloside ó a water soluble, sugary compound, which is found abundantly in over 1200 undomesticated foods. It is contained in high concentrations in certain natural fruit seeds, especially apricots, apples, cherries, and peaches. Vitamin B17 is also present in high levels in various organically grown grains, grasses, and berries. The primitive manís diet was in large part, made up of a diet consisting of these fundamental foods.

Unfortunately, in modern day, the average diet is lacking in the aforementioned sustenance that human beings once thrived off of. Even when these nutrient rich foods are consumed on a regular basis, it's usually the case that they have been cultivated and overly-processed to obtain a "sweeter" flavor. By breeding out the bitterness in these healthy foods, many essential components have been significantly depleted, including protein, polyunsaturated fat, and other beneficial compounds, such as Nitrilosides (Vitamin B-17), that they contain when found in their natural state.

A marvelous example of a rich source of B17 is the organic raw apricot seed (Prunus armeniaca). It is chemically identical to the bitter almond. This is the seed from which B17, also sometimes referred to as Amygdalin, was originally isolated from in 1830.

Apricot Seeds as a Chinese Nutritional Supplement

For centuries, Chinese health practitioners have used the bitter apricot seed (Xing Ren) as a nutritional dietary supplement to help contribute to health maintenance and well-being. The apricot seed has long been believed to help maintain skin health, boost respiratory health, as well as lubricate the bowel. The seeds of apricots are promoted by many dietitians for having a strong antioxidant effect. They also contain Vitamin E which aids in enhancing circulation & healing wounds. Apricot kernels are often made into a concentrated oil or powder supplement for these and other dietary/nutritional purposes.

About Our Company

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