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About Vitamin B-17

Vitamin B-17 is a Nitriloside — a water soluble, sugary compound, which is found in a variety of different natural foods. It is a cyanogenic glycoside and is contained in high concentrations in certain fruit seeds, especially apricots, apples, cherries, and peaches. Vitamin B17 is also present in high levels in various grains, grasses, and berries. The primitive man’s diet was in large part, made up of a diet consisting of these fundamental foods. Our ancestors regularly consumed kernels of undomesticated fruit rich in proteins, polyunsaturated fat, and other beneficial ingredients, such as Nitrilosides or Vitamin B17. However, in an effort to improve taste, modern man has eliminated the bitterness in a great deal of foods that naturally contain Vitamin B-17.

A marvelous example of a tremendously rich source of this ingredient is the raw apricot seed. Although, apricots do contain Vitamin B-17, (Nitrilosides), also sometimes referred to as Amygdalin, the pit of the fruit comprises the majority of this supplement. The Vitamin B 17 compound originallly was discovered by Pierre-Jean Robiquet and A.F. Boutron-Charland in 1803, by isolating it from the bitter almond seed. This was followed by a further investigation by Liebig and Wöhler, in 1830.

For centuries, traditional Chinese health practitioners have used the bitter apricot seed (Xing Ren) as a nutritional dietary supplement for use in helping with respiratory conditions, anti-inflammatory skin disorders, and intestinal ailments. Vitamin B-17 dietary supplements have also been used in Germany to help suppress rheumatic disease and regulate blood pressure. It is often made into a concentrated supplement by using the oil or powder of the natural raw apricot kernels.

Vitamin B-17 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Apricot Seeds Are Safe to Consume Per Day?

This is ultimately the person consuming the kernels decision. Typically, most people choose to eat up to one apricot kernel per 10 pounds of body weight spaced out during the day. It is best to start eating the kernels slowly and build up to a certain amount. Between six to ten a day is an average amount for most individuals which choose to consume the kernels.

Q. How Much B17/Amygdalin Can I Take In One Day?

This varies from person to person. You should speak with your naturopath, homeopathic doctor, or other physician of your choice to determine what amount suits you.
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